Being among the first cultivated cereals in the history of humankind, barley remains among the most widely consumed cereals worldwide. Hulless barley (Hordeum vulgre) owe their popularity to the multiple benefits they provide in the field of human health. RTS FIBER is an abundant source of fiber; it contains a number of valuable vitamins and minerals not found in other refined or “enhanced” products.

RTS FIBER complex of fiber is a result of special know-how based technologic process for the processing of hulless barley (Hordeum vulgare) grains.  RTS FIBER, the next generation complex of fiber with high level of beta-glucan, presents material benefit to human health: it helps to improve the activity of gastrointestinal tract, improve intestinal peristalsis, facilitate digestion activity, reduce constipation, prevent the formation of hemmorhoidal nodes, facilitate removal of lipids from blood vessels thus decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases; it helps to regulate and maintain normal weight, prevents the formation of gallstones, helps to maintain optimal blood glucose level and strengthen the natural protective capacities of the body – namely, helps to increase immunity. The complex of cellular tissues RTS FIBER has low glycaemix index, and therefore it helps to balance fluctuations of blood sugar level; this is crucial for diabetes patients.

Fibers are essential in our daily menu. They are necessary for normal functioning of human body. Fibers play the role of sponge to clean the intestinal tract, absorb the excessive liquid and end products of metabolism, and facilitate their removal from human body.

RTS FIBER  provide satiety, they contain plenty of minerals and vitamins. Lactic intestinal bacteria consume ballast matters (fiber) and synthesize vitamins. RTS FIBER present a natural source of prebiotics that have favorable effect on the intestinal microbiome – the whole of microorganisms accommodated in the intestines. Healthy composition of intestinal microbiome is crucial to ensure barrier function of intestines and proper activity of immune system. RTS FIBER is not destroyed by gastric juice; it can supply nutrients to intestinal microbiome throughout the intestinal tract and therefore it has essential effect on the overall health of human body. A healthy microbiome directly affects the absorption of vitamins and minerals in human body and prevents absorption of harmful substances. The microbiome is responsible for processing of fiber to form short-chain fatty acciss thus preventing the risk of fatty liver and atherosclerosis. Medicinal preparations designed to reduce blood cholesterol level have multiple side effects, and therefore consumption of cellular tissues is the only natural way to detox fatty liver and remove lipids without causing any harm to human body. Regular consumption of the next generation fiber RTS FIBER helps to prevent various diseases and to slow down the process of ageing.

Consumption of fiber is crucial in all stages of human life, starting from the age of 3 years. The next generation complex of fiber RTS FIBER is a natural source of prebiotics and an essential source of vitamins and minerals. Fibers are primarily responsible for healthy microbiome as the very core of human health.


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RTS FIBER helps to restore energy, vitamins and microelement loss, so you can continue your work-out with sufficient intensity.

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Fibers are essential in our daily menu. They are necessary for normal functioning of human body.