Weight Control

Overweight and obesity has nowadays become one of the most crucial problems worldwide. 30 to 70 percent of population are overweight in the countries of the European Union.

Overweight and obesity is a significant risk factor to development of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, fatty liver and diabetes mellitus. It can cause changes in bode system that trigger rheumatic pain in joints and arthrosis, in particular in knees and hip joints leading to spinal diseases, increased blood pressure and overload on veins.

The most common causes of overweight and obesity include unhealthy food and lack of physical activities.

Causes that make people overweight include increased sugar consumption. Sugar is present not only in sweetened beverages and juices but also in yoghurt, bread, breakfast cereals, sauces, dairy products, semi-finished products, meat products and else.

The fact that food has become cheaper is another significant factor that makes people eat out and lunch out. Food manufacturers trend to use different sweeteners instead of sugar thus misleading their consumers. Various food supplements, trans-fatty acids, stabilizers and sweeteners have notable effect on intestinal microflora leading to significant changes in metabolism and weight. Marketing techniques make people consume excessive sweet, refined white flour products and other junk food that contains no fiber, vitamins and minerals. Our taste buds are used to taste increasing agents and forgot the taste of natural food; in addition, the more processed food is consumed, the more need for it develops in human body.

Higher bodily weight requires higher energy consumption and also more food to ensure it. Even though the weight regulation mechanism is not fully investigated, it is well known that the term bodily memory is very truthful: the body trends to maintain the natural weight plus five to ten kilograms.

It is proven that different people differently reach the level of satiety. A chemical substance leptin is developed in human body by fatty cells or lipocytes. Concentration of that substance increases along with consumption of fat and sends satiety signals to brain. Level of leptin can be normal in overweight people yet the receptors of satiety signal are often insusceptible.

The speed of metabolism and ability to burn calories is essential. The speed ratio is genetic and confirms that human body “knows” the appropriate weight.

The first step is reviewing your menu and select good that is most appropriate to your lifestyle.

A reasonable solution is consumption of RTS FIBER soluble and non-soluble fiber that help to reduce addiction to sweets, normalize digestion processes and activate metabolism that plays an important role in weight control. RTS FIBER soluble and non-soluble fiber develop satiety because they fill the stomach and improve activity of intestinal tract. They slow down absorption of nutrition thus normalizing blood sugar level and preventing cholesterol from precipitation in blood vessels.

RTS FIBER W helps to decontaminate and normalize activity of intestinal tract and minimize constipation. It prevents cholesterol from precipitation in blood vessels and liver. RTS FIBER APi helps to remove helminths that raise demand for and consumption of sugar from human body. RTS FIBER G supplements and maintain vitamin and mineral reserves, attracts and removes excessive liquid from human body. RTS FIBER B improves activity of pancreas and normalizes the blood sugar level. RTS FIBER Y facilitates metabolism and supplies the essential amino acids to the body; it contains natural vitamin D.

RTS FIBER complex of soluble and non-soluble fiber is recommended also in between meals thus reducing the consumption of “empty” calories and preventing the risk of weight increase. If used regularly, RTS FIBER products improve metabolism, minimize fatigue and improve taste and smell.

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RTS FIBER helps to restore energy, vitamins and microelement loss, so you can continue your work-out with sufficient intensity.

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Fibers are essential in our daily menu. They are necessary for normal functioning of human body.