Nowadays, cancer unfortunately is not an occasional disease of elderly people any more. Oncologic patients gradually become younger, and it is also observed among young people and children. Nobody is completely protected from cancer, yet there is a number of aspects that deserve consideration.

Healthy lifestyle plays an important role in preventing cancer. Though it is still not quite clear why malignant cells develop in human body, the most common risk factors include unhealthy lifestyle, inappropriate working conditions, continuous stress, smoking, junk food, lack of physical activities, abuse of alcohol, various virus infections and continuously non-treated diseases.

The diagnose oncologic disease can change the very fundaments of one’s life – work, relations, future plans. Oncologic diseases are among the most popular causes of death worldwide. Treatment of cancer is commonly a long-lasting, complex process, where apart from surgical treatment methods, radiation and chemical therapy proper diet is an essential factor.

Appropriate diet plays a key role in maintenance of health and good condition. Balanced food contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, plenty of vitamins and minerals including anti-oxidants.

People most frequently experience oncologic conditions that show no manifest signs in early stages, and also symptoms in later stages can be attributed to other diseases or simply to excessive load.

A tumor can cause severe inflammation syndrome in human body. Changes in abdominal activity, loss of appetite, chronic fatigue, weakness, weight changes can indicate to other conditions as well, and therefore no timely treatment of cancer takes place.

Medical treatment, radiation and chemical therapy often lead to changed taste and smell, therefore patients develop dislike to food. Immunity is essentially affected: predisposition to diseases, deteriorated absorption of vitamins and minerals. Activity of all internal organs is affected as well as balance of intestinal microflora.

Regular use RTS FIBER soluble and non-soluble fiber among the key diet tips in cancer prevention. RTS FIBER soluble and non-soluble fiber are useful not only to prevent but also to overcome the disease and its consequences. Chemical therapy and surgical manipulations trend weaken immune system and eventually contribute to cancer setback, while use of cellular tissues supplemented with the unique natural immune-modulator 1.3-1.4 beta glucan stimulate activity of immune system and improve the effectiveness of immunity response. The ability of soluble and non-soluble fiber to attract and remove toxins responsible for development of cancer cells from human body is also proven.

RTS FIBER products can be combines (compatible) with chemical therapy, radiation and medical treatment. RTS FIBER soluble and non-soluble fiber help to prevent the adverse effect of medications and therapies and to reduce the side effects. Decontamination of intestinal tract and support to intestinal microflora helps to increase effectivity of the results of therapy due to efficient absorption of pharmaceutical preparations as well as the essential nutritive elements including vitamins and minerals.

RTS FIBER W helps to decontaminate and optimize the activity of stomach and intestinal tract, reduce regurgitation and optimize abdominal activity. RTS FIBER B helps to reduce inflammatory processes, improve activity of pancreas, reduce gas accumulation, improve activity of liver and kidneys. RTS FIBER G helps to strengthen cardiovascular system and blood vessels, reduce blood cholesterol level. RTS FIBER Y helps to improve metabolism and ensure oxygen and vitamin D supply to the body thanks to squalene it contains. 1.3-1.4 beta glucan strengthens the immune system and stimulates natural protective functions of a human body.

RTS FIBER products replenish and maintain vitamin and mineral reserves in a human body; they possess anti-oxidant properties. RTS FIBER contain no sweeteners, preservation agents or enchanters that can harm the patient’s body. The 100% natural composition is easily absorbed in a human body.

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RTS FIBER helps to restore energy, vitamins and microelement loss, so you can continue your work-out with sufficient intensity.

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Fibers are essential in our daily menu. They are necessary for normal functioning of human body.