Immunity is commonly distinguished between innate and adaptive immunity. Innate immunity is related to native biological characteristics of human body. Innate immunity is a highly stable type of immunity inherited from predecessors. Non-specific or innate immunity is provided by lymphatic tissues located in human body. Non-specific immunity is provided by tree types of defense: protective barriers, reaction to inflammation, and protective albumins.

Adaptive immunity is developed throughout lifetime through contact to various external factors; it is not inherited.

Positive effect of breast milk to development of a child’s immune system is subject to no questions. In case of women, pregnancy and child birth is an important element of immunity. The course of pregnancy and delivery largely characterizes activity of the woman’s immune system.

Immunization is a way to modulate immunity. It should be noted however that vaccines, while highly effective to protect human body from certain diseases, may have serious side effects. This is why vaccination decision should be well-weighed.

Artificial immunity results from injection of vaccines that contain properly processed antigens of the respective disease. Their transfer results in development of antibodies. Effective immunity can only be detected upon repeated contact with the same disease agent; in case of immune body, exposure to disease is either minor or none. Different people can have different resistance to the same disease (individual peculiarities of immunity).

Healthy immunity performs protective functions and protects human body from infections. Inability to resist infections indicates to poor immunity. Infection diseases are caused by various bodies – bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Many of them are accommodated in or on our body. In general, they are harmless (or even useful), yet able to trigger infection under certain circumstances. Infection diseases are transferred by humans to each other or through insect or animal bites or skin injuries.

First, lymphocytes present in blood engage in fight communicating information to cells (macrophages and neutrophils) in lymphatic nodes, spleen and tonsils to absorb the enemies. Then, T lymphocytes give alarm signal to defense, and B lymphocytes in bone-marrow produce antidotes – immune globulins. These attract and remove the “strangers” from human body. B lymphocytes generate special antigens effective to combat the specific disease developing the so-called immunologic memory. This is why lymphatic glands trend to increase in case of disease.

Excessively sterile environment is even harmful to immunity. High hygiene standards can change human immunity and therefore trigger allergies. Contact of human body to bacteria and microbes is necessary to enable development of immunity.

If immune system is continuously overloaded, chaos can occur in human body so that immune system is not able to distinguish any more between the external “non-selves” and the “selves”. As a result, the body can start attach to its own tissues. This is called autoimmune disease. Autoimmunity means that bodily immunity attacks various bodily tissues instead of fighting viruses, bacteria and other antibodies causing inflammation, degenerative processes and diseases. It is a hyperactive reaction of immune system to the systems of own body. Autoimmune diseases experience increased spread.

Medicinal explanation to preconditions of autoimmunity includes three key factors: genetic trends, presence of viruses/bacteria or strange antigens in human body, and increased intestinal permeability syndrome. Increased intestinal permeability syndrome is an essential precondition to autoimmune disease.

In case of weakened immunity, microflora presents a fruitful ground for infections, which further weakens immunity. RTS FIBER soluble and insoluble fiber are crucial in prevention of infection diseases and elimination of their consequences: they help to restore and maintain balance of intestinal microflora and stimulate immunity thanks to the “good” bacteria subsisting on cellular tissues.

To protect human body, immunity may be neither weakened nor excessively active.

Natural protective barriers of a body include skin and mucous membrane that covers respiratory and digestive tracts.

Nowadays, everyone knows that bodily immunity is directly related to microflora of intestinal tract – no wonder the latter is called heart of immune system, since it manages all defense functions of human body. Intestinal microflora is very fragile, and its balance depends on multiple factors including largely on food that unfortunately causes a number of modern diseases. Therefore, obesity is among the problem factors that affect immunity. Fat cells produce inflammatory substances capable of triggering various chronic diseases. On 80% occasions, human health depends on the individual, rather than on medicine.

Bacteria present in intestinal tract form microbiome that affects immunity, condition of skin, weight and blood cholesterol level. If intestine wall or mucous membrane is damaged, disorders occur in absorption of minerals and vitamins, and human immunity becomes more fragile. Vitamins and minerals serve as biologic catalysts to strengthening of immune system and help to maintain high level of antioxidants that provide bodily resistance to infections.

Antibiotics can also cause harm to the “good” bacteria. Psycho-emotional and physical overload also affects immunity as well as use of medications; immunity is weakened during pregnancy. The more products that contain chemicals like preservation and flavor agents are uses the more is immunity weakened.

Food supplement RTF FIBER presents a unique, properly balances combination of soluble and insoluble  barley fiber that decontaminate intestinal tract, restore balance of microflora, activate digestion. It contains immune modulator 1,3 - 1,4 beta glucan that helps to notably increase immunity and protective capacity of human body.

RTS FIBER W decontaminates intestinal tract, prevents cholesterol precipitation in blood vessels, regulates abdominal activity and reduces regurgitation. RTS FIBER APi helps to remove parasites from intestinal tract; it possesses antibacterial properties. RTS FIBER B helps to reduce inflammatory processes, improve activity of pancreas and regulate blood glucose level. RTS FIBER G strengthens heart and blood vessels, attracts and removes excessive liquid from human body. RTS FIBER Y activates metabolism, it contains squalene that supplies oxygen to human body and helps to maintain vitamin D level.

Regular use of RTS FIBER products ensures supply of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to human body. They improve activity of stomach and intestinal tract. Complex of soluble and non-soluble cellular tissues restores and maintains microbiome. Optimal microbiome and beta glucan 1,3 - 1,4 contained in RTS FIBER notably strengthens overall immune system.

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