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Fibrocystic breast changes or mastopathy in scientific language is a problem experienced by a number of women.

There are two types of breast pain – cyclic and acyclic. Cyclic pain that recur every month are directly related to changes in hormonal system. The pain most commonly originates in breast and eventually innervates to hands and armpit. The most severe pain is experienced on pre-menstrual days and trend disappear when menstruation is over. Such pain is most typically observed in young females.

Acyclic pain is common among women between 30 and 50. They occur as a rule in one breast at certain point of time. Such pain can be exquisite, stabbing or hot, caused most commonly by a fibrous adenoma or a cyst.

Menstrual cycle is closely related to sexual hormone changes. A woman can notice on different days of her cycle that her breast has become sensitive or painful. The level of estrogen in blood reduces and causes pain.

Hormonal activity can be also affected by stress that causes breast pain. Factors like cysts, breast injuries, surgeries and other can cause acyclic breast pain. Such pain most commonly occurs right above the breast muscle. Women with large breast can additionally experience pain in neck, back and shoulders.

Peroral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy can also cause discomfort in breast. They contain estrogen and progesterone increasing hormone level that results in breast pain. Andi-depressants can also be a source of discomfort.

Use of RTS FIBER WFf helps to minimize or eliminate breast pain, restore hormonal balance and make monthly periods less painful and more regular.

A 3 months’ course is recommended. Take 5g two times a day before or after meal during three weeks, then take 5g once a day. A repeated course is recommended after a year.

Additionally, other RTS FIBER products are recommended. RTS FIBER W effectively optimizes activity of stomach and intestinal tract, relieves constipation. RTS FIBER G supplies vitamins and microelements to human body and supports activity of thyroid gland. RTS FIBER B is recommended to minimize inflammatory processes. RTS FIBER Y is well to improve metabolism, it contains natural vitamin D.

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