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Hormonal imbalance

Female health fully depends on hormone balance. In spite of healthy diet and lifestyle, no woman is protected from hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance can develop suddenly indicating to reproductive system disorders or start pf menopause. Hormonal imbalance can cause deterioration of the overall health, look and even ability to bear children.

Regular menstrual cycle is a key signal of hormonal processes. Starting from puberty until post-menopause period, female reproductive system undergoes multiple stages during which essential changes in hormonal system take place.

Most common symptoms of hormone imbalance include: rapid mood changes, hot flashes, nervousness, irregular menstrual cycle, painful menstruation, skin problems, headache, weight changes, reduced libido, disorders of stomach an intestinal tract activity, inclination to sweets, loss of hair, increased or decreased growth of bodily hair.

Female hormones are responsible for the key function – ability to conceive and bear a child. It is therefore extremely important to ensure balance of hormonal activity.

Pregnancy and delivery is a period of significant hormonal changes in each woman’s life, regardless of their age. Activity of all organs experiences radical changes during that period, as well as major changes in hormonal system. Gestation diabetes, for example, can indicate to hormonal activity disorders that have affected the body even before pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a very special period of life for each woman, it needs preparing to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Supply of body with all necessary vitamins and minerals is extremely important during pregnancy and planning of a child. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals can adversely affect health not only of the woman but also of the child.

Cardinal changes in hormone balance take place in a female body after delivery. A lot of nutritive elements is lost during gestation period. It is therefore essential to restore the reserve of vitamins and minerals during that period.

Lasting diets or unhealthy food can lead to deficiency of nutrition elements essential to ensure healthy menstrual cycle. Women more and more frequently experience conception problems, largely due to hormone imbalance causes by continuous stress, medications, adverse environment, unhealthy food (food supplements, sweeteners, flavoring agents, etc.) so widely available at stores and fast food menu.

Digestion disorders prevent effective intake of nutrients, excretion of toxins and obstruct hormone flow resulting in hormone imbalance. Maintenance of sufficient reserves of vitamins, minerals and amino acids is essential to human body.

RTS FIBER WFf - helps to prevent hormonal imbalance and its symptoms, including irregular monthly cycle, painful menstruation; prevents PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome).

3 months’ course of RTS FIBER WFf is recommended in case of hormone imbalance. Take 5g two times a day before or after meal during three weeks, then take 5g once a day. Full course of RTS FIBER WFf helps to reduce or eliminate symptoms of  hormone imbalance RTS FIBER WFf is recommended 5g once a week after completion of course to maintain stable result.

Use of RTS FIBER W helps to improve activity of stomach and intestinal tract, excretion of cholesterol, relieve constipation and optimize abdominal activity. RTS FIBER G supplies vitamins and minerals to human body, restores elasticity of blood vessels and strengthens myocardium. RTS FIBER B helps to optimize activity of pancreas, normalize blood glucose level and reduce inflammatory processes. RTS FIBER Y contains the essential amino acids, improves metabolism; it contains natural vitamin D and squalene that supplies oxygen to human body.

Completion of a whole course provides supply of the necessary nutrients, helps to decontaminate intestinal tract and improve metabolism.

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